Why Use Ruby on Rails? Everything You Need To Know

Why Use Ruby on Rails? Everything You Need To Know

The world is evolving every day, we can say that most of the problems are solved with a few coding algorithms and this raises a question: Why Use Ruby on Rails framework instead of other options.

If we check history, then RoR is the broadly chosen and famous backend web framework. Which is written in ruby programming language.

Ruby on Rails is released under MIT licence, and follows the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. Due to its built-in solutions for a database like MySql, ror is a comprehensive MVC framework for web project development.

For data transfer via front-end languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, RoR is compatible with standards such as JSON or XML. If you want to create a web application quickly, you should use ror.

Additionally, ror is the affordable option for those who are struggling with some low budget issues. 

Social networking sites, E-Commerce platforms, Stock Exchange websites, SaaS, etc. are the suitable business categories for Ruby on Rails.

Now, in this blog you will get complete insights regarding why use ror backend framework, ror project types, ror benefits, future of ror, and the famous combinations of ror.

Let’s Begin!!

Ruby on Rails Web Application Architecture Overview

Ruby on Rails is a popular web development framework that employs the MVC architecture. It is a planned pattern that is used for the seamless development of apps. The RoR web application architecture is divided into three pieces, which are described further below:


The business logic of an application and control of the data kept in the database are handled by the lowest level of ROR architecture. It also controls how data and other database elements interact.


The data is displayed to the end user in this section of the architecture. The HTML file functions as a View in Ruby on Rails, showing data from the database and managing the application’s User Interface.


The Controller is in charge of processing requests sent by the browser. It oversees Model and View management and serves as a liaison between the two. To successfully show data, the controller sends the data from Model to View.

MVC has a few advantages: With standardised structure and programme rules, decision-making is more easier and powerful abstractions in code are possible!!!

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Why Use Ruby on Rails? List Out Benefits

This section of the blog will clear out things more for you regarding the question of why use ror as an entrepreneur. Ready yourself to learn several advantages of the ror framework for backend web development.

Ruby on Rails’ object orientation, minimal code base, modular design, considerable open-source code created by the Rails community, and a large selection of ready-to-use plugin options for feature development make web development with it faster.

Let’s see all the benefits in detail;

advantage of ruby on rails


In this new digital world, all data and information are available on the internet. It is crucial to make highly secure web applications to prevent cyber attacks.

Ruby on Rails ensures both server-side and client-side security with its highly secure system. RoR offers password-encrypted systems to avoid cross-site scripting, SQL injections, and XSS attacks. 

If security is on high priority for your business product, then you should pick the Ruby on Rails backend development for web applications. 


So many programming languages are there whose coding is difficult to understand. But, if the coding is simple and easy to understand then web app development becomes easier. And this became one of the reasons for choosing the Ruby on Rails framework because it provides simplicity in code syntax.

Due to less requirement of code, ror offers fast web development. And all this maintains high readability and simplicity in app development.

Rapid Development / Minimal Coding

Ruby on Rails consists of the built-in-environment. The most critical part of app development is coding, but ror appears as a solution to this.

Maybe Ruby gets tough to learn in the beginning because it is quite different from other programming languages, but once you learn it, you don’t have to face any hectic unusual coding like others.


Ruby on Rails scalability was a critics part in the past. But, things have changed since Rails 6 was released in 2019. Ruby on Rails has updated the version and started to provide higher scalability than previous versions. 

The Ruby on Rails-based application will continue to scale because Rails is routinely updated; the most recent version (Rails was released on 13 March 2023.

Generators / Modules / Engine / Gems

Ruby on Rails modules and gems are the main advantages of novices. For every extra feature you add to your web application, ror provides a wealth of gems (plugins).

For individuals who want to develop their product or web application using Rails framework, Ruby on Rails gems and modules are a blessing.

Because of the Rails generators, modules, and gems, web applications can be created more quickly than with any other technology.

Simple Automated Testing Tools (Both Internal and External)

Integrated testing option of rails tests your code simultaneously while you do coding. There is no need to test your code now and then by using external plugins or third-party testing tools. This helps you save a tonne of time and work while still producing an application that is reliable and meets your needs.

Does any developer require something more convenient and hip than this? No, in our opinion. The automated testing assures you that your product will be thoroughly tested and bug-free if you are an owner who is eager to build it with Rails. 

You have to just hire dedicated ruby on rails developer and start working on the ruby on rails backend framework to build a robust web application.

Community Support

There is a vibrant community for Ruby on Rails where programmers can obtain free tutorials. It has 21.1K forks and 52.9K stars on Github

You can use the open-source libraries to hasten and streamline the development of your Ruby on Rails applications with the assistance of this vibrant community.

RoR Agile Project Development

By not affecting any code and app quality, ror allows taking all the necessary changes quickly. Developers can debug the code while writing it in the RoR framework.

It also offers extra features that automatically document the entire development process.

Now, take forward to the list of apps created by the ruby on rails backend framework.

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The hourly rates start at $20/hour

Apps You Can Create With Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is used to create a variety of web apps. Here are a handful of the most popular categories for which most business owners choose to create apps using ROR.

Ruby on Rails MVP

MVP reduces development costs significantly and works well with current market trends to broaden the product’s digital reach. The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) apps have benefited greatly from the security and flexibility offered by ROR.

The most economical strategy for companies to establish their presence online through their applications is to use an MVP. RoR enables MVP to be developed 30 to 40 percent quicker than other application types.

Health Care Application

It is mandatory to provide accurate data while developing a healthcare application. With the huge library support and accurate code base, the ROR web framework plays an important role in the quick development of healthcare apps. Quick support for testing and simplification in combination is provided by RoR.

Cross-Platform Applications

One of the most popular options for back-end and web app servers is Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails is typically used for web development, but it can also be used to build ruby on rails mobile app with good performance.

Ecommerce Application

Ruby on Rails Ecommerce app development has the best ecosystem that helps in the development of robust, powerful, scalable, secure, and successful applications.

Fintech Application

Business owners in the fintech sector are unclear or lacking in information on how Ruby on Rails might aid in the creation of fintech applications. The difficulties that can arise when creating Fintech apps can be handled with ROR.

Additionally, it offers a scalable, market-ready application at a low cost that can assist startups joining the fintech sector.

Other business kinds, such as SaaS applications, social networking sites, etc., are also developed using ROR.

There are several open source Ruby on Rails applications available online which help you to create the powerful RoR app of your desire. 

Here, check out the most popular Ruby on Rails website examples who proved RoR backend framework is the best idea to go for your business product.

Popular web apps built using ruby on rails

List Of The Best Front-End Frameworks Used with RoR Apps

The top three ROR configurations that can aid in creating a successful full-stack development are listed in this section of the blog post. Here are the top front-end setups that complement ROR the best.

1. Angular with ROR

Single Page Applications (SPAs) can be created using the open-source JavaScript MVC framework AngularJS, which was created by Google. 

The use of Angular offers a number of benefits including simple programming, dynamic data binding, and quick and responsive apps.

You get several benefits when you combine Angular in the front-end with Rails in the back-end. Few include:

  • It provides separate Front-End and Back-End layers
  • Have a purpose-built tools
  • Take low development time

2. ReactJS with Ruby on Rails (RoR)

The great consolidation of ROR and React has fantastic advantages for enhancing the power of your company. The benefits of combining React with Ruby on Rails are listed below.

  • Offers quick server response
  • Reducing memory usage
  • Provides quality, development speed, and business structure
  • Minimal learning curve
  • Stability

3. Vue.JS with Rails

Ruby on Rails and Vue together are a lethal front end and back end combination. Developers may create tested and maintainable code using Vue.js. 

It also facilitates two-way communication and offers a high degree of flexibility. In addition to being quite responsive, it has thorough instructions and an easy-to-follow layout.

In this situation, Rails will be the best back-end for the Vue.js application because it delivers the bare minimum that you need in an application, such as email, web sockets, ORM, etc. Combining the two results in,

  • Fascinating animation or app
  • Build Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Provides continuous integration

Why Is RoR the Favourite Option in 2023?

The newest frameworks face good competition from ror, and ROR has advantages. It is a well-known framework and technology.

You’ll notice that a lot of initiatives, start-ups, and companies use ror since it has a promising future.

There are a number of factors that will affect the durability and health of this framework or technology in 2023, so people need to think that ROR is still a Good Choice.

For developers and clients, ror offers upgrades and maintenance on a continuous basis.

Additionally, ROR has a sizable development community that is still expanding.

You can contact the good ruby on rails development firm to handover your web development project for 2023. Surely, with a supporting RoR developer team you wouldn’t regret choosing ror for backend framework app development.

Future of ROR

The blog has addressed all the important details on why use ROR for developing apps in 2023. 

Scalability of ror for online applications and business has supported and supplied enormous growth in the digital sphere. 

ROR has been supplying all the product owners’ development requirements for the past 15 years. 

The most recent stable version of ror 7, which is 3 times faster than the previous one, automatically encrypts and decrypts your application and its database.

We can see that as per the BuiltWith Ruby on Rails usage data, there are a total 3,792,088 ror websites customers. That means millions of customers are trusting ror for backend web framework development.

Ruby on rails usage statistics

All these statistics data say that developers and entrepreneurs love using ror for product app development. The RoR backend framework is time-saving, scalable, and enough to build robust web applications. Hence, till now and beyond the future of ROR is safe.


In conclusion, Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a powerful and widely-used web application framework that offers numerous benefits for developers and businesses alike. 

Throughout this article, we have explored the key reasons why ROR continues to be a popular choice in the development community.

Firstly, RoR promotes rapid development with its convention-over-configuration principle, which allows developers to focus on building unique and innovative features rather than spending excessive time on repetitive tasks. 

Secondly, ROR emphasizes simplicity and readability, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced developers. 

Additionally, ror prioritizes developer happiness by providing a supportive community and an extensive ecosystem of tools and resources. 

Furthermore, ror embraces the principles of scalability and flexibility, making it suitable for projects of various sizes and complexities. 

Lastly, ror has proven its reliability and stability through years of successful implementation in real-world applications. 

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting your coding journey, RoR provides an excellent platform to bring your ideas to life efficiently and effectively.

To build a web application for the growth of your business, start looking for a supportive ruby on rails consulting company that provides great services in your budget and makes a valuable app for you.


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Hire RoR Developers on Hourly or Monthly Basis

The hourly rates start at $20/hour

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