41 Ruby On Rails Gems: Popular For Web App Development

41 Ruby On Rails Gems: Popular For Web App Development

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This article is all about popular Ruby on Rails gems that help you to create your web application. All the listed Rails gems are most used and proven trustable for Rails applications. You can consider this blog to find out top RoR gems of 2023 that you can utilize for the rails app development.

RoR Gems: Overview

Ruby on Rails is a great and preferable framework for web app development with  multiple useful features that intensify your app with the help of MVC pattern.

It is made to be easily extensible by employing the most well-liked Ruby gems offered by the Rails community.

The Ruby gem programming language, in conjunction with its companion rails framework, is a highly potential tool for creating extraordinary apps.

Here, The RORBits is a group of skilled developers and team. All the developers are well-informed and knowledgeable persons of Ruby on Rails development and can help you for the development of a custom web app using popular Ruby’s gems.

Ruby on Rails is a sophisticated solution that allows web developers to use open source Gems to fill in various features and functionalities in the application.

What Is The Use Of Ruby On Rails Gems?

RoR is a Ruby-based server-side application framework made available under the MIT Licence. 

All of the gem apps are available here, and you can even use some of the gems to build fully functional apps.

Web app development often takes months, but with the help of the “Gems,” it may be completed in a matter of days. 

They have the benefit of great performance and are modular. Furthermore, it takes little time at all to incorporate them into the new applications.

You may learn more about the usefulness of the gem from the gemspec files and gem files for each gem.

In addition to the MVC pattern (CoC), Rails encourages the usage of other well-liked software engineering designs and paradigms, such as the active record pattern, don’t repeat yourself (DRY), and convention over configuration. 

The most downloaded gems in 2023 are mentioned in the official Rubygems.org report. You’ll get a general understanding of what Ruby on Rails developers utilise from this, as well as which Rails Install Gem is most helpful.

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Some Of The Famous Ruby On Rails Apps

As we said earlier in the blog, Ruby On Rails is a preferable backend framework for web applications and a number of projects had been done in the past for Ruby on Rails app. 

There are so many ror consulting services available in the market that provide the best RoR developer team to make the customized app to your requirements.

Here, we have listed the most famous Ruby On Rails websites examples.

  1. Airbnb
  2. Kickstarter
  3. Basecamp
  4. CafePress
  5. CrunchBase
  6. Dribbble
  7. Fab
  8. Funny or Die
  9. Github
  10. Groupon
  11. Hulu
  12. SendGrid
  13. Shopify
  14. Twitter
  15. Whitepages

Let’s see the comparison between Shopify and Twitter API performed by The Ruby Toolbox considering the criteria of number of downloads, github ratings, current version, total release, etc.

Best 41 Ruby On Rails Gems For 2023

1. ActiveRecord Import

This RoR gem is used to import bulk data. With the help of ActiveRecord-Import, you can easily insert a large number of records. 

And, if you hire ruby on rails experts having great expertise in ActiveRecord import gems, then they won’t have to manage the issue of N+1 insert. 

The ActiveRecord import gem is suitable to insert ten records. 

GitHub Ratings: 52.8k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 457,908,180

Here, see the statistical graph of ActiveRecord gem download from the launched year to the current year 2023. (Data were taken from rubygems.org)

2. Globalize

If you want an international texture to your app with languages; then the Globalize gem will help you to add a foriegn languages in your app. It is powered by Google’s i18n API.

GitHub Ratings: 2.1k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 9,348,010

3. Kaminari

Kaminari is among the most popular gems of Ruby on Rails. If you want to paginate the things, then you have to use this gem. 

 By using an easy-to-use scope-based API, the pagination can be carried from the ActiveRecord imports to easy arrays. 

GitHub Ratings: 8.4k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 143,527,267

4. Paper_Trail

Because of the modifications to your model, utilising the undo and redo actions frequently makes you quite angry. 

The Paper_Trail gem makes it simple to work with your model by labelling all the versions with each modification, assisting you in keeping track of all the changes.

GitHub Ratings: 6.5k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 65,748,499

5. Paranoia

Sometimes you need the deleted records again, but it is difficult to find them once you delete it. That’s why the Paranoia gem is soft delete the record in which it hides the object from the model.

GitHub Ratings: 2.8k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 43,481,089

6. Cells

Without a pioneer, the Ruby & Rails gem Cells operates. You can use it to turn your user interface (UI) components into view-models.

GitHub Ratings: 3k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 4,831,220

7. Pagy

Pagy is a gem of a pagination tool. It’s small, independence, and simplicity all contribute to its quickness. This RoR gem covers all pagination and functions in a variety of settings. 

GitHub Ratings: 4.1k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 10,514,760


The AASM gem states the machines for Ruby. The developers can add the finite states on Ruby on Rails with this gem. The adapters are provided by the library for different ORMs.

GitHub Ratings: 4.8k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 51,338,123

9. Slim

As the name suggests, the Slim gem is meant to convert the complicated syntax code structure into the slim-trim code structure. You can maintain the coding simplicity for your app with the help of Slim gem.

GitHub Ratings: 5.2k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 55,600,537

10. Haml

The Haml gem is an abbreviation for HTML Abstraction Markup Language. To design  HTML/XML documents and improve the structure, this gem is used by RoR developers.

GitHub Ratings: 3.7k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 121,857,203

11. Draper

Developers can easily create decorators around their models using Draper. Your Ruby on Rails app adds views significantly cleanly by using the Draper Gem. With the Draper in use, there is no requirement to write helpers. 

GitHub Ratings: 5.2k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 33,235,760

12. Simple Form

You can use the forms in your application as more effective and clear codes with this Simple Form gem. You can add dropdown lists, radio buttons, checklists more efficiently and flexibly by using this gem.

GitHub Ratings: 8.1k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 57,016,641

13. Pry

Developers frequently run into problems with binding gems or library integration when creating code. They have to deal with a lot of mistakes throughout that period. 

The rails PRY gem proves to be the best option for resolving these problems and troubleshooting the errors.

GitHub Ratings: 6.6k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 350,297,486

Here, see the statistical graph of Pry gem download from the launched year to the current year 2023. (Data were taken from rubygems.org)

14. Better Errors

To replace the clumsy and continuously rejecting error pages of RoR with the good and improved better pages the Better Errors gem is used.

GitHub Ratings: 6.8k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 64,848,670

15. RSpec Rails

Developers who enjoy creating unit test cases should choose the gem RSPEC RAILS. With the help of this gem, application developers may easily include the RSpec framework into any Rails project. In TDD and BDD environments this RSpec Rails gem is used. 

GitHub Ratings: 5k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 212,135,946

16. Capybara

The gem that incorporates tests for assisting users by providing succinct verbal cues along the procedure. It is primarily used by developers in authorisation settings. RSPEC gem is frequently used with capybara.

GitHub Ratings: 9.8k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 186,426,212

17. SimpleCov

This gem displays the proportion of the code that has been tested and the remaining amount.

GitHub Ratings: 4.6k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 252,195,327

18. Factory_bot

Previously known as Factory girl, Factory bot is a gem from the library. It offers fictitious data for test situations. Your testing procedure will be easier as a result of not having to manually enter data every time.

GitHub Ratings: 7.8k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 164,918,844

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19. Faker

Exactly as the name, this gem functions for generating fake data such as name, contact number, and addresses.

GitHub Ratings: 10.7k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 169,224,642


The CANCANCAN gem is used to develop complicated apps. Users can set up a wide range of rules, but developers must impose access restrictions on select users. 

This gem makes it simple to set up user access controls, and everything can be managed in one location.

GitHub Ratings: 5.3k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 51,221,604


Developers typically need to log into the social media page when designing an e-commerce solution or an application on any of the social networks. 

For the specific application, they must give authorisation and authentication. Ruby gems are preferred by some developers for authentication, while others prefer to use their own code. 

One of the finest rails gems in 2022 is DEVISE gem ruby on rails. It facilitates effective and simple labour.

GitHub Ratings: 23.2k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 158,431,815

22. OmniAuth

OmniAuth gem uses a Rack middleware and basically it is used as the authentication gem. This gem allows the social account authentication in different social media accounts like google, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. 

GitHub Ratings: 7.7k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 113,600,201

23. Ruby-JWT

The ruby-JWT, which supports the RFC 7519 OAuth JSON Web Token (JWT) standard, is a special gem for rails token authentication. It is a helpful gem for jwt authentication in rails.

GitHub Ratings: 12k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 36,377

24. Rolify

The role management library Rolify is a rails gem that does not impose any supporting scope on the resource object.

GitHub Ratings: 3.1k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 13,819,980

25. Pundit

This RoR gem is for authorization. This gem is less complex to use and provides scalable and simplified authorization with the use of simple Ruby classes and OO design (object oriented).

GitHub Ratings: 7.9k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 49,690,763


To make an interface of administration pattern this gem is used in Ruby On Rails backend development

By abstracting the business application patterns, Active Admin enables developers to more easily and quickly construct appealing and stunning interfaces.

GitHub Ratings: 9.3k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 1,751,545

27. Rails Admin

Rails Admin gem will give you a user-friendly interface with high usability. Custom search, filtering,data export into CSV, custom authentication, and authorization-like features were added by developers with this gem of Ruby On Rails.

GitHub Ratings: 7.8k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 7,891,556

Here, see the statistical graph of Rails Admin gem download from the launched year to the current year 2023. (Data were taken from rubygems.org)

28. Administrate

The usable and consistently responsive admin panel is created by the Administrate gem. If you are not feeling to use the Active admin and rails admin gems, then you can use the Administrate gem as the best alternative option.

 GitHub Ratings: 5.6k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 3,247,437

29. Active Merchant

Shopify wrote and maintains this Ruby Gem. Active Merchant’s primary objective is to provide consumers with a uniform API that enables access to various payment gateways via various internal APIs.

GitHub Ratings: 4.5k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 990,322

30. Robocop

In essence, Rubocop is a code formatter and static code analyzer for Ruby that is based on the Ruby style manual. 

When any code violations are found, it automatically corrects them all and has powerful formatting features for your bits of code.

GitHub Ratings: 12.2k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 48,447

31. Ruby Style Guide

This one is a gem for the community and created by the community of RoR developers who advocate the best practices for ruby coding.

This policy is the result of proposals, comments, and advice from editors, professionals, and Ruby on Rails specialists.

GitHub Ratings: 16.2k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 109,385

32. Brakeman

A reliable and unchanging security scanner, Brakeman, assists in locating even the tiniest constraints and weaknesses in rail applications.

GitHub Ratings: 6.7k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 94,349,435

33. Bundler

To ensure the proper working and functionality of the application with the same code is determined by Bundler.

The Bundler can install and download any of the gems used in making an application.

GitHub Ratings: 4.9k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 1,541,162,729

34. Secure Headers

Security-related HTTP headers are perfectly added to the application with the help of Secure Headers gems of Ruby on Rails.

GitHub Ratings: 3.1k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 18,111,105

35. Carrierwave

To upload an image file in the application, nothing is better than the Carrierwave gem in Ruby On Rails. It can resize and adjust all the corners of the image.

GitHub Ratings: 8.8k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 77,105,841

36. Minimagick

Like CarrierWave, this gem is unquestionably priceless. It efficiently uses all of your RAM and performs a variety of functions, such as rotating, blurring, flipping, resizing, and converting the photos to well-known formats like PNG.

GitHub Ratings: 2.8k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 38,659

37. Puma

The renowned HTTP Web server Puma assists in the accurate deployment of the rail apps because deployment is a critical phase in any software development cycle.

GitHub Ratings: 7.4k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 282,396,227

38. Capistrano

Capistrano is a solution for automated deployment that performs a wide range of tasks, assigning servers to various roles, coordinating various stages, and carrying out parallel deployments.

GitHub Ratings: 12.5k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 64,987,610

39. Grape

Grape was created and is specifically made to run on Rack or to support existing web apps like Sinatra and Rails.

GitHub Ratings: 9.7k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 46,820,942

40. ElasticSearch

A Ruby bridge to the Elasticsearch Ruby Client is provided by the ElasticSearch gem. It provides features such as search, monitoring, and security.

GitHub Ratings: 1.9k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 112,523,175

41. Ransack

You may search your Rails app using the Ruby on Rails object-based search gem called Ransack. Additionally, it makes advanced search tools like ElasticSearch and Algolia available.

GitHub Ratings: 5.4k stars

Rubygems.org Downloads: 57,334,357


In conclusion, the 41 Ruby on Rails gems discussed in this article serve as invaluable tools for developers, offering a wide range of functionalities and solutions to common development challenges. 

They exemplify the power and flexibility of the Ruby on Rails ecosystem, providing developers with the means to create robust and efficient web applications. 

By leveraging these gems effectively, developers can streamline their development process and deliver high-quality applications with greater ease.

You must hire a great ruby on rails company which serves the best service of RoR web app development with experienced developers.

Happy Experience With Ruby On Rails!!!!!

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