Ruby on Rails Ecommerce: Know The Top Reasons To Choose It

Ruby on Rails Ecommerce: Know The Top Reasons To Choose It

That inspires every entrepreneur to get into the field of Ecommerce business. This blog will tell you the top 10 reasons for choosing the Ruby on Rails framework for Ecommerce. You will get a complete idea regarding ruby on rails ecommerce”


In today’s world, people get used to online shopping. Nobody can reach out to all marketplaces in offline shopping, so everybody prefers an E-commerce platform to buy anything.

Of course, E-commerce gives multiple facilities with numerous options for the same products. E-commerce benefits such as home delivery, easy return policy, multiple payment options (COD & Online), price comparisons, discounts, and many more things attract people to Online shopping at high frequency.

This change in the world proves if you want to reach people globally with your product, then you have to take help from E-commerce.

Your E-commerce website framework is a key to your business success. And for exciting and productive results, you have to choose the right backend framework for your E-commerce website.

And nowadays, Ruby on Rails is leading the web development framework for any type of business including E-commerce also.

Let’s know all the insights of choosing ruby on rails ecommerce.

What Is Ruby on Rails?

Let us expand the Ruby on Rails terms to explain better,

A server-side web application framework Rails is written by Ruby programming language under the MIT License is known as Ruby on Rails (commonly referred to as Rails).

Rails is a Model-view-controller (MVC) framework that offers pre-built structures for web pages, online services, and databases.

It promotes and makes it easier to use web standards like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for user interface.

Also JSON or XML is used by Rails for data transmission.

Other well-known software engineering patterns and concepts, such as convention over configuration (CoC), don’t repeat yourself (DRY), and the active record pattern, are also heavily emphasised by Rails in addition to MVC.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of using Ruby on Rails, but the disadvantages are quite adjustable. That’s why we recommended you to choose Ruby on Rails framework for web development or E-commerce project.

The Ruby on Rails programming framework prioritizes convention over configuration.

This means that, unlike other coding languages, Ruby on Rails developers do not need to set parameters every day to begin working. Hence, Ruby on Rails is saving developers from performing the same duties repeatedly.

We must say, Ruby on Rails is a very effective coding solution that enables devs to work more effectively in a given amount of time.

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Why Ruby on Rails Is A Smart Choice For E-commerce?

It’s not only about E-commerce projects, but Ruby on Rails becomes the most preferable choice of every web development framework, in fact so many businesses are choosing Ruby on Rails mobile app.

The various Ruby on Rails e-commerce platforms each have their benefits and features. 

The fact that Ruby on Rails eCommerce platforms come with a variety of tools and plugins enables business owners to manage web pages more easily.

Ruby on Rails E-commerce is efficient because it frees up time and resources for companies to concentrate on what matters most.

Ruby on Rails offers easy-to-learn and easier-to-code concepts for E-commerce web development framework. MVC architecture of Ruby on Rails leads to simplified coding.

Further, it provides flexibility and security for E-commerce projects. 

There are several service providers available in the market for RoR product development, you can contact them for your dream E-commerce project.

Let’s see the Ruby on Rails E-commerce project types for reaching the market with your business idea.

E-commerce Project Types Build With Ruby on Rails


Business to Customer is the well-known business outlet in which the business sells the product directly to the customer (end-user).

Ruby on Rails for eCommerce features an innovative interface-centric implementation that is perfect for contemporary web stores that provide a fantastic user experience.

The Business to Customer business model using RoR is supported by SaaS, licensed, or open-source software in addition to e-commerce sites.


Business to Business model execution also reaches a great place in the market.

Even E-commerce platforms also avail the wholesale selling opportunities. As per the last data of year 2022 B2B E-commerce market value of USD 7,907.07 billion.

This high market value in B2B pattern enhances the earning opportunity at E-commerce platform.

Ruby on Rails E-commerce projects are proven successful in user-friendly terms.

Alibaba’s website is a great example of B2B E-commerce.


B2BC is the combination of Business to Business and Business to Customer models, which has become popular among the market.

By accepting outside partnerships, household companies like Walmart, Amazon, and AliExpress are moving towards this business model. 

RoR is a flexible framework that you may use to combine these business models and launch your B2B2C startup.


Subscription-based business model is growing rapidly every year.

The market value of subscription based business models is increasing at 10X growth, entrepreneurs are finding earning opportunities by asking subscription fees for the services.

Ruby on Rails is a best fit for your subscription based website framework.

Not only in E-commerce project criteria, but there are several successful Ruby on Rails websites that are present in the world of the internet.

Here, check out the top 10 reasons to go for RoR E-commerce.

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The hourly rates start at $20/hour

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Ruby on Rails For E-commerce

1. Affordable

Ruby on Rails is an open-source and free web development framework. Where you are not required to pay any licence fee. You can hire Ruby on Rails developers from any RoR developer company to start your dream project of RoR E-commerce.

2. Easy Coding

Ruby on Rails is more fun than complicated coding. A new learner developer can easily understand the RoR coding. This Easy coding is sustainable for developing E-commerce projects.

3. Secure

Because a buyer depends on transactions and payments, an online shopping app needs to be extremely secure. 

Ruby on Rails for eCommerce development is trustable, secure, and reliable. It offers a variety of gems that are readily available in the community for the secure protection of your eCommerce application.

For instance, bundler-audit for patch-level verification, safer pay-gem for user payment detail protection, brakeman for a security flaw, and more.

4. Consist Community Support

Ruby on Rails is a widely used web application development framework, there are a lot of skilled RoR programmers at work all over the world. 

These professionals can assist you in getting started right away, and your project will be in good hands. 

You may rapidly get up to speed thanks to the many free materials that are available to the RoR community, including books, tutorials, and online webinars.

5. Rapid Development of MVP

The RoR framework’s quick ability to generate Minimum Viable Products is its most advantageous feature. 

Because the Ruby on Rails framework prioritises convention over configuration, you won’t require as much of it as you would with Django. 

Even with a small team of RoR developers, you may achieve efficient development for your E-commerce project with the DRY and MVC architecture.

6. Framework Flexibility

There are several plugins available in the RoR E-commerce project, and Ruby on Rails provides flexibility for modifications.

You can modify the project code without starting over thanks to the framework’s adaptability. 

You get to improve and comprehend functioning while you’re on the move.

7. Scalable

Ruby on Rails scalability is Nothing more than an application’s capacity to manage a heavier load. 

Every guest makes several requests. The number of requests sent per minute may become an issue if a site has a significant influx of users at once. 

Aappropriate architecture and deployment techniques are offered by Ruby on Rails, so such problems won’t arise in the case of Ruby on Rails e-commerce sites.

8. Strong Framework

Even though your project involves a lot of coding, the common set of policies that come with the Ruby on Rails Framework make it less prone to problems. 

When creating Ruby on Rails eCommerce applications, you won’t experience any lags and can instead guarantee stability.

9. Open-Source

Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework for creating web applications, you can use it for free. 

Additionally, you can use the open-source RoR community to tweak its source code to meet your unique requirements and include the newest features.

10. Range of Resources and Tools

Ruby on Rails offers a wide range of resources and tools to develop web frameworks with ease of coding.

Due in large part to the ease with which powerful open-source solutions like Spree and Shopify Plus enable the development of e-commerce websites using Ruby on Rails.

Additionally, Ruby on Rails includes a tonne of information and tools that you may use to improve your e-commerce applications.

Now, understand the some basic features required for Ruby on Rails E-commerce project.

Some Basic Features of Ruby on Rails E-commerce

Some of the best features should add in Ruby on Rails E-commerce are listed below:

  • User Role in the web app
  • Login Permission for user
  • Flow of product purchase
  • Latest News and Stories
  • SEO google tag manager
  • Functionality of Google map
  • SEO tasks of analytics, crawling, schema tags, sitemaps
  • Support of multiple languages
  • Availability of cloudFront storage for images and videos
  • Text – Messaging

Let’s have a look at platforms available for RoR E-commerce framework development.

Available Platforms For Ruby on Rails Ecommerce

To create and manage online stores, Ruby on Rails E-commerce platform provides the support.

RoR E-commerce platform offers typical features including product catalogues, shopping carts, order management, and payment processing. 

There are various Ruby on Rails eCommerce platforms available, each with a unique set of capabilities and advantages.

Spree Commerce

The RoR framework was used to create the e-commerce platform Spree, which enables users to create their own online stores.

It has several features, including support for multiple currencies, an endless number of product variations, a variety of packaging options, and many more.

For the quick creation of e-commerce websites, it is a flexible Ruby on Rails shopping cart solution.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus offers a configurable shopping cart with simple integrations with numerous services, such as automated order fulfillment.

It is well-known for being effective at selling both tangible and intangible items online. With the help of Shopify Plus platform, business owners may quickly create an online store that is ready for transactions.


BigCommerce is so configurable, hence you can create your own e-commerce website without knowing how to code expertly. 

This  offers both free and paid themes for your company to select from, allowing you to quickly create a unique look for your website.


Solidus used the Ruby on Rails framework to create the feature-rich, open-source eCommerce system.

From selling the products to taking payments and maintaining your inventory, it provides a comprehensive range of capabilities for building an online store.

Unlimited product variations, personalised order procedures, and merchandising guidelines are a few of its standout characteristics.

We think this famous platform gives you confidence to go for Ruby on Rails E-commerce development. You should have to consider some important factors such as your company’s industry experience, company’s dedicated team, etc. to hire best Ruby on Rails development company.

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Top E-commerce apps built with RoR


Instacart is a grocery delivery app built on RoR.

With this service, you may order groceries and have them delivered to your home either the same day you order them or up to six days later.

Instacart currently serves a number of cities in the US and Canada. Customers can browse thousands of things from the retailers they already frequent and receive recommendations for fantastic new products.


Welcome to fresh and nutritious food online store powered by Spree. Farmers can sell their produce, such as fruit, fish, dairy, bakery, meat, and other items, on a marketplace called Farmdrop.

Customers must place an order and have it delivered in less than 19 hours. The fact that this app’s delivery service is limited to Central London is its lone downside. The range is growing, though.

The Farmdrop team says Rails+Spree is the ideal solution for their Fix The Food Chain aim and they have no regrets about their decision.


Floyd is an app made on solidus platform. It’s an online furniture store where you may get considerate goods that, according to the store, you won’t throw away.

They consist of couches, beds, tables, and adaptable hardware.


Superpedestrian app developed from Spree RoR platform providing safest and advanced small vehicle technology.

Spree helped Superpedestrian to design a website with a fantastic user experience.

Users can now take use of features like upselling, integrated live chat with customer care, straightforward design, and product customization.


Ruby on Rails has always proven best for E-commerce web development. As an entrepreneur, you will not regret choosing any E-commerce RoR platform such as Spree, Solidus, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, etc.

E-commerce platforms help you to create the best and most user-friendly interface ever with easy coding.

Some successful E-commerce app’s creators states, they are very glad to use the Ruby on Rails E-commerce backend framework. It is a very sustainable, affordable, and user-friendly idea to opt.

RoR is the first choice of developers also. They also want to work in the RoR E-commerce backend framework for web development.

You can find RORBits as a top leading company providing all comprehensive services on Ruby on Rails.

If you are looking for Ruby on Rails development, Ruby on Rails consulting, Ruby on Rails maintenance and support, and Ruby on Rails product development, the RoRBits is highly recommended.

Build your dream Ruby on Rails E-commerce app with RoRBits, You wouldn’t regret it for sure.

Have a Good Experience With Ruby on Rails E-commerce Web Development Journey!!!!

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The hourly rates start at $20/hour

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