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RORBits – Hire Ruby on Rails Developers on Monthly Basis

RORBits offers to hire Ruby on Rails developers services that can help your organizations – whether you are a startup, an enterprise, or SMEs. Our multidisciplinary developers have years of experience in developing cutting-edge solutions in open source frameworks and have worked on various projects worldwide. You can choose from flexible hiring models for RoR developers as per your immediate project and organisational requirements. You are assured of exclusive, undivided attention on your RoR projects to build secure and scalable applications without wasting money on hiring and maintaining additional employees. We have dedicated ROR Developers with 1+ Years of experience to 6+ Years of experience. Schedule an interview & Hire Within 48 Hours.

It is important to hire ROR developers who understand the framework and can thus enhance your product with native suggestions. By following the client-first approach, we deliver customized but world-class solutions that have a direct impact on your revenues. Our dedicated ROR developers from RORBits are fully versed in helping a wide range of industries craft the right solutions for their existing markets, technology stack and gain a competitive advantage in their business. Hire ruby developers from RORBits to save your cost of development. Call us at +91-9898119101 to discuss in detail your requirement.



Hire Ruby on Rails Developers as per your needs

Expertise Ruby on Rails Developers

All our ruby on rails developers are skilled and expertise in developing a whole range of solutions on the Ruby on Rails frameworks, including developing MVPs and working on legacy infrastructure.

Average experience of 4+ years

Experience across industry verticals and technology domains so you never fall short of your requirements and ensure world-class solutions.

Guaranteed Transparency

You can be assured of regular reports (daily, weekly, monthly) and your comprehensive project reports over email, calls, and SKYPE as pre-decided so you are aware of the project progress at any point in time.

Choose Ruby Developers of your Preference

RORBits lets you question and engage professionals according to your technical preference and requirements. Before hiring the ROR Developers you can cross-check their knowledge, skill and expertise. Moreover, you can build a preferable team of developers considering your budget.

Technical Expertise

Ruby FrameworksRails | Sinantra | Hamani
DatabaseMySQL | MongoDB | Postgres
Deployment ToolsCapistrano
TDD Toolsrspec-rails | Capybara | Minitest
ServerAWS | Digital Ocean | Heroku
Rest APISwaggerDoc | APIPie | Grape | Active Model Serializers                                                           
Full Stack AngularJS | ReactJS
Scheduled/Recurrence Jobs Whenever | Delayed Job | SideKiq | Rufus-Scheduler
Coding StyleRuboCop | Rails Best Practice
App ServerPuma | Passenger | Unicorn
Web ServerNginx | Apache
Deployment ServerAWS | Digital Ocean | Heroku | RackSpace
Version ControlGIT (GitFLow)
ProcessAgile Scrum and Lean
PM ToolsJira | Trello | Slack
Upgrade ServicesRails 1 | Rails 2 | Rails 3 | Rails 4 | Rails 5 | Rails 6
Deployment ProcessCI/CD


Easy-to-choose Pricing Models

Get a Fixed Price Quote

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We’ll provide a fully signed NDA for your project confidentiality.

Hire Dedicated ROR Developers

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8 Hrs/Day – 160 Hrs Per Month. Monthly Rolling Contract. 25% Savings over Fixed Price Projects.


Without our clients, our work would have no meaning

Works. Works. Works.

Everything Share-worthy About Us

500+ Projects Delivered
We have a team of 25+ ruby on rails development ninjas providing striking solutions.

350+ Clients Across World
RORBits has an international clientele spanning across multiple countries, their expertise ranges to all business niches. Proficiency is just round the alley.
7+ Years of Experience
We’ve been featured in a number of publications and top-notch websites.
90% Repeat Business
Our work speaks volumes of our expertise, we provide multi-dimensional solutions. RORBits is proud to say that 90% of their new projects are through client referrals.

Why Choose RORBits to Hire Dedicated Ruby on Rails Developers?

The fact that we love this framework means that we are always building on our skill sets and improving our proficiency in what is possible on the platform. We have stringent processes to choose the developers who join our team and are trained to deliver the highest quality solutions for our customers.

There are many agencies out there who work on Ruby on Rails but RORBits stands out for our clients because of our focus on the things most important to you. We have delivered more than 50 product-based global applications and have built up our competencies to ensure that we can handle any challenges efficiently, and easily.

Cost-efficiency and Time-bound Delivery

To ensure that you do not face any delays in your strategy, we leverage open source software solutions, our own set of tools (ready to use), and a relentless focus on agility and flexibility.

High Code Integrity

There is a laser-pointed focus on high quality code and solutions at every step of the way. We stick to pre-decided coding standards, continuous integration, code ownership, automated testing, and other industry best practices for your most efficient solutions.

Minimum Viable Product Development

Our experts for hire understand the priorities of the project, which they will pursue to your and your product’s satisfaction. You can hire RoR developers from RORBits and straightaway proceed to build your MVP with the right set of features that are crucial to start developing the right way.

Product API Development

Web services need a wide range of technology solutions that leverage the best features of the diverse tools available. Our experts are extremely comfortable in developing APIs using REST or JSON. We work closely with your existing technology teams to establish a comprehensive API ecosystem for all your product needs.

If you are seeking to appoint proficient ruby on rails developers, just get in touch with us. We are proud to offer you valuable services for your unique and specific needs.

Dedicated Ruby on Rails Developers Hiring Process

Share your requirements for the project so you can finalise the exact talent requirement.

Evaluate the possibilities and the scope with the potential hires so you can be sure that your project is in safe hands.
Choose from the wide range of developers available to ensure perfect fit to your project and organisational culture.
Pick the right pricing model for your project requirements and complete the formalities easily and efficiently.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

How do you assure confidentiality?
To keep your data and information highly confidential, we sign Non-Disclosure Agreement between two parties i.e Company & Client before you disclose any information to us. Data & information will be shared with our employee & contractors only, who are bond with our legal framework company policy.

Do we completely own source code of Website & Mobile App?
We own you completely source code after receiving 100% Payment. A source code may be licence which cannot be duplicate.

What are your payment models?
We have our reasonable rates for development. Because we are highly focused on delivering quality solution for our clients. We introduced two models i.e Fixed Cost and Hourly Cost. For Fixed Cost, your estimate would be constant depends on the client requirement. For Hourly Cost, you have to hire a dedicated developer to work on your project which can cut your cost of development.

What are your payment terms?

For Fixed Rate Project:
Approval on Project: 25%
Prototype Development Process:25%
50% Completion Project: 25%
100% Work Delivered:25%

For Hourly Rate Project:
We upfront charge for weekly hour depends on how much hour Hire Dedicated Developer would work with your project.

How do you assure confidentiality?
To keep your data and information highly confidential, we sign Non-Disclosure Agreement between two parties i.e Company & Client before you disclose any information to us. Data & information will be shared with our employee & contractors only, who are bond with our legal framework company policy.

How much day in week are you working?
We work for 5 days in week. In urgency, a client associate will communicate with you over all 7 days in week.

How do we communicate with you?
After signing Non-Disclosure Agreement, we will be provide you one client associate with his/her all communication details so that it will be easy to discuss about your project progress. A Client associate will be available for 24 hours with 7 days in week.

What advantages can you guarantee?
We guarantee you to deliver a valuable product for mobile, web & cloud app development. Your project details and accessibility data are kept highly confidential by signing Non-Disclousre Agreement while starting your Project Development Processs which include the provision of two parties i.e Company & Client.

What are the payment method?
Payment method are bank wire transfer & credit card.

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