Streamlining Payment Processes & Invoice Generation for an Accounting Firm in Brazil

ProxyPay Payment Gateway & Perfex CRM Integration to Collect Online Payments and Generate Invoices.

Client Overview

ProtonBits, a leading Payment App Development Company, undertook a transformative project for an esteemed Accounting Firm based in Brazil. The client sought to optimize their payment processes and enhance user experience by integrating ProxyPay Payment Gateway with their Perfex CRM system.


The Accounting Firm faced challenges in efficiently managing invoice payments and providing a seamless payment experience for their clients. They required a solution that would streamline payment processing while also accommodating the unique payment methods prevalent in Brazil. ProtonBits was tasked with developing a comprehensive payment integration solution to address these challenges.


Leveraging its expertise in fintech software solutions, ProtonBits devised a tailored solution that seamlessly integrated ProxyPay Payment Gateway with the client’s Perfex CRM system. The key features of the solution included:

Invoice Creation with ProxyPay & Perfex CRM Integration

When a user creates an invoice and selects ProxyPay as the payment mode, a “Pay Now” button is displayed on the invoice. Contrary to traditional payment gateways, ProxyPay generates a 9-digit reference number & entity number (5 digits) instead of redirecting users to a payment page.

Payment Processing

Upon receipt of payment through ProxyPay, a new entry is automatically created in the Payments Module of the Perfex CRM, referencing the invoice details. Users are presented with a field to input the 9-digit reference number, entity number (5 digits), and total amount in the currency format (0.000.000,00).

User-Friendly Payment Experience

The payment software solution prioritizes user convenience by providing clear instructions for making payments via ProxyPay through various channels such as mobile apps, internet banking, or ATMs. Users are guided to input the necessary information accurately to facilitate seamless payment processing.

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The collaboration between ProtonBits and the Accounting Firm resulted in significant improvements in payment processing efficiency and user experience:

Efficient Payment Processing

The integration of ProxyPay & Perfex CRM streamlined invoice payments, reducing manual effort and accelerating payment processing times for the Accounting Firm.

Enhanced User Experience

Clients benefited from a user-friendly payment experience, with clear instructions provided for making payments via ProxyPay through multiple channels.

Improved Accuracy

By automating payment entry creation in the Perfex CRM system, the solution minimized the risk of manual errors and discrepancies in payment processing.

Compliance with Local Payment Practices

The solution accommodated the unique payment methods prevalent in Brazil, ensuring compliance with local payment practices and regulations.


ProtonBits’ innovative payment integration solution empowered the Accounting Firm to streamline invoice payments and enhance user experience for their clients. The successful collaboration underscores ProtonBits’ commitment to delivering tailored fintech solutions that address the unique needs of businesses operating in diverse markets.

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Hire RoR Developers on Hourly or Monthly Basis

The hourly rates start at $20/hour

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