Improvising Health Insurance Comparison with Lead Generation Integration

Health Insurance Portal Development that Shows Policy Comparison and Insurance API Integration to Generate Leads on a Request Quote 

Client Overview

ProtonBits, a prominent Insurance IT Services Company, undertook a transformative project for a health insurance aggregator seeking to enhance customer experience and streamline lead generation processes. The client aimed to develop a comprehensive Health Insurance Portal that would allow customers to compare various health insurance policies based on premiums, coverage, and other relevant details. Additionally, the portal needed to facilitate lead generation through quote requests seamlessly. ProtonBits leveraged its expertise to create a user-friendly portal tailored to the unique needs of the health insurance industry.


The health insurance aggregator faced challenges in providing customers with a user-friendly platform to compare health insurance policies effectively. They required a solution that would enable customers to access comprehensive information about various insurance options, compare premiums, coverage, and other details, and seamlessly request quotes for the desired policies. ProtonBits was tasked with Health Insurance Portal Development that would address these challenges and streamline lead-generation processes for the client.


ProtonBits developed a comprehensive Health Insurance Portal equipped with advanced features and functionalities to meet the diverse needs of the health insurance aggregator and its customers. The key components of the solution included:

Policy Comparison Tools

The portal featured policy comparison tools that allowed customers to compare multiple health insurance policies side by side. Customers could view detailed information about premiums, coverage, deductibles, and other policy features to make informed decisions.

Lead Generation Integration

ProtonBits integrated lead generation functionalities into the portal, enabling customers to request quotes for the desired insurance policies seamlessly. Whenever a customer clicks on a specific insurance policy for more information, a lead is generated automatically, capturing the customer’s contact details and policy preferences for follow-up by the insurance aggregator.

User-Friendly Interface

The portal was designed with a user-friendly interface that provided intuitive navigation and easy access to relevant information. Customers could browse through different insurance options, compare policies, and request quotes with minimal effort, enhancing the overall user experience.

Customizable Filters

ProtonBits implemented customizable filters that allowed customers to refine their search based on specific criteria such as coverage type, premium range, deductible amount, and network providers. This feature enabled customers to find insurance policies that best suited their individual needs and preferences.

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The collaboration between ProtonBits and the health insurance aggregator resulted in significant improvements in customer experience and lead generation efficiency:

Enhanced Policy Comparison

The Health Insurance Portal provided customers with a centralized platform to compare various health insurance policies effectively, enabling them to make informed decisions about their coverage options.

Streamlined Lead Generation

Integration of lead generation functionalities facilitated seamless quote requests, allowing the insurance aggregator to capture customer information and preferences efficiently for follow-up and conversion.

Improved User Engagement

The user-friendly interface and customizable filters enhanced user engagement and satisfaction, making it easier for customers to navigate the portal, compare policies, and request quotes with minimal friction.

Increased Conversions

The streamlined lead generation process and comprehensive policy comparison tools contributed to increased conversions and revenue generation for the health insurance aggregator, driving business growth and profitability.


ProtonBits’ development of a Health Insurance Portal with lead generation integration empowered the health insurance aggregator to enhance customer experience, streamline lead generation processes, and drive business growth. The successful collaboration underscores ProtonBits’ commitment to delivering innovative fintech solutions that drive efficiency, improve user engagement, and empower businesses to achieve their strategic objectives in the competitive insurance industry landscape.

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Hire RoR Developers on Hourly or Monthly Basis

The hourly rates start at $20/hour

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