Why or Why not Hire Freelancers for Ruby on Rails Development?


Today, one of the most preferred development platforms is Ruby on Rails (RoR). It is simple to learn and use. A skilled freelance workforce is available in the market to support the RoR development demand. These freelancers are available for organizations for applications development on a monthly and even hourly basis. And so are available Ruby on Rails consulting firms Let’s check why pros and cons of hiring freelancers for RoR.

Reasons for Hiring Freelancers for Ruby on Rails

24/7 Facilities – Flexible work hours

Freelancers can work at an incredible pace. Since they work for themselves, they deliver the projects on time. In most cases, organizations have an agreement with Ruby on Rails freelancers that they must work at as per the given schedule. The clients’ needs take precedence over the available work hours of developers and freelancers offers the required flexibility.

Good Quality of Work

Product owners or Project leads consider the quality of work as the crucial factor. Freelancers with the proper credential offer excellent quality of work. Though less likely, if a product owner or project lead hires freelancers who do not have the proper credentials, risks can be mitigated by incentivizing the quality of their work and adhering to a strict code of ethics.

Cost-Effective Development

A freelancer may be less expensive than an in-house developer or team. Product owners can compare developers’ hourly rates for the required skills and select candidates who fit the budget.

You pay only for the hours a freelancer spends on your tasks or the entire project. You are not required to provide a developer with a workspace and equipment, nor are you required to pay for any social safeguards.

Finding someone with the required skillset is easy

For freelancers, location is irrelevant. It makes it easier to identify and hire a Ruby on Rails freelance developer with the requisite experience, knowledge, cost, and independent of the location.

Ideal for short-term projects

You can hire a freelance Ruby on Rails developer for a one-time task or a short-term project. This type of collaboration is ideal for freelancers because you can negotiate the pay and hire developers to complete a small task that your team is unable to complete for any reason.

Hire RoR Developers on Hourly or Monthly Basis

The hourly rates start at $20/hour

Reasons why you should not Hire Freelancers for Ruby on Rails

An additional focus for quality results

Hiring freelance Ruby on Rails developers to work on your project is good. However, there may be risks involved if you hire for the first time.
There are chances of receiving low-quality work from freelance developers who are otherwise talented but working on large-scale projects first time. If you bring them up to speed, you incur the cost and effort to guide them.

Identifying the appropriate candidate

It is difficult to track down the right candidate among the expanse of developers who work with Ruby on Rails. Project leads and Product owners should be able to differentiate between an experienced designer and an inexperienced one. This helps the company save precious time and resources.

Challenging to hire someone for a smaller project

Companies that hire expert Ruby on Rails developers are known for their expertise and knowledge. Because many large organizations generally tend to hire them for larger projects, finding developers for small-scale projects may be a challenge.

Cost Factor – Demand vs. Supply

The cost to hire expert Ruby on Rails developers proficient in Ruby on Rails has seen a substantial increase year on year. Startups or small-scale businesses may find it financially not prudent to hire a Rails developer in the early days of their business.

Finding the right developers can be challenging, especially if you have a limited budget. Ruby on Rails is a new web application framework, so many startups prefer to use it. There is supply pressure for Ruby on Rails developers leading to a situation where there is more demand than supply.


Every organization that wishes to employ application or web developers should consider aspects that could be both positive and negative for the association.

With the increasing demand for Ruby on Rails development services, project leads or product owners are trying to find the right balance between cost and quality by hiring freelancers with the skills that match the requirement.

Hire RoR Developers on Hourly or Monthly Basis

The hourly rates start at $20/hour

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