5 SaaS Solutions Built Using Ruby On Rails


Ruby on Rails is a unique web advancement structure. In addition to client-driven applications, engineers use them to develop B2B applications. The most prominent Ruby on Rails projects utilizes SaaS features. A SaaS application is exceptional in encouraging organizations to use the product for their tasks. Developing a SaaS application, however, may get somewhat overwhelming.

What is Ruby On Rails?

Ruby on Rails is an open-source program used for developing web applications. This program is among the top ten programming languages for developing web applications because various software firms and freelance developers are increasingly using it.

Ruby on Rails is more commonly referred to as “Rails.” It amalgamates Ruby with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to create a web application that chips away at a web server. Rails catalyze the course of the complicated districts of construction. It is overall considered a server-side web application headway stage.

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Do Companies Use Ruby on Rails?

SaaS programming places emphasis on adaptability and security as its most significant features. Ruby on Rails kills every difficulty in SaaS item advancement. It is a helpful system with strong web improvement abilities. It is quick, reasonable, and particularly very secure.

For the uninitiated, SaaS means Software as a Service, and it is a software package that is predominantly cloud-based. There are plenty of SaaS options that people, organizations, and undertakings can utilize.

Apps with Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails has been the most significant innovation in web development for quite a long time. While the present designers are distrustful regarding the usage of Rails, it effectively satisfies the benchmarks and guidelines set for web improvement. The most influential organizations that utilize Ruby on Rails for their SaaS arrangement advancement demonstrate this program’s usefulness.

Which Big Companies Use Ruby On Rails?

Undertakings, worldwide organizations, and limited scope organizations utilize Ruby on Rails. It has a toolset and numerous capabilities to develop a wide range of applications. We will consider the top SaaS organizations that utilize Rails in their innovation stack.

Here are the five best instances of SaaS applications worked with Ruby on Rails:


One of the most extraordinary Ruby on Rails projects in the present time, Shopify, involves Ruby on Rails in its innovation stack. Individuals ask, “Okay, so what has worked with Ruby on Rails?” Shopify is the answer. It is one of the most mind-blowing SaaS models for Rail’s application advancement.

Shopify is a main SaaS stage to construct internet business stores. It is a simple to-involve answer for individuals with practically no technical information. It claims to have ten million+ clients. How can it deal with all of this? With the assistance of the Ruby on Rails development company.


Most venture administrators have known about Basecamp, one of the leading SaaS organizations for endeavors. The famous task of the board programming utilizes Ruby on Rails consulting at the backend.

The product makes Ruby on Rails engineers more useful by furnishing them with suitable instruments. Rails SaaS improvement helped make the arrangement more proficient throughout the long term. It has had a 99.99% uptime since its send-off in 2004, the same year as Ruby on Rails.


The central hub of designers, GitHub, is a result of Ruby on Rails’ innovation. It is one of the primary SaaS arrangement organizations for open source web advancement. Designers can work with engineers on various ventures, share their source code, and empower creative web advancement.

There are 80 million+ stores on GitHub, making it the most significant resource for specialized experts who need organized code—around 2 million associations involving GitHub for their prerequisites.

Ruby on Rails offers enormous adaptability and cooperative elements to GitHub. There are around 30 million designers who consistently utilize the stage. Organizations like Google, Facebook, NASA are the clients of this SaaS stage.


Custom assistance leaders are knowledgeable about Zendesk. It is one of the top applications working with Ruby on Rails. The SaaS stage gives client-care administrations to more than 110,000 organizations across the globe. The leading SaaS item is currently the best option for organizations for help devices.

Through Ruby on Rails, Zendesk had the option to develop an application that could enhance the client experience. There is a dashboard for tagging, supporting the board, and client questions. A live visit also gets included, which helps in rapidly settling administration issues.


One of the best SaaS products is UserVoice. It empowers representatives to convey the ideal client support. UserVoice additionally gives experiences dependent on client criticism. Organizations like Buffer, Microsoft, and Azure DevOps use UserVoice, among numerous others, to hire ruby on rails developers. Ruby on Rails assumes a significant part in achieving this SaaS arrangement.


Ruby on Rails is the ideal choice to be used in combination with SaaS products, as the above models have shown. Today, there’s a common fantasy that Rails is, before long, going to leave the business. The above applications have turned out great right up till today. They are being utilized by a massive number of clients worldwide – demonstrating that Ruby on Rails is the ideal decision for web improvement of B2B SaaS arrangements.

Hire RoR Developers on Hourly or Monthly Basis

The hourly rates start at $20/hour

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