Ruby on Rails Developers for Hire: Building Successful Apps


Ruby on Rails Developers can be a practical choice for your application development business. When viewed in contrast with, Laravel and Django, which are software applications that bear similarity in many ways to Ruby on Rails, RoR has over double the number of patrons on GitHub.

There is considerable demand for Ruby On Rails (RoR) engineers, with more than 60,000 job openings in the US as of August 2021.

Why use Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails offers a wide range of integrations to meet the needs of any project. It adheres to a flexible development process that significantly shortens the procedure while ensuring that it meets the client’s requirements, thanks to the vast gem library at your disposal.

The MVC Ruby on Rails pattern bifurcates the task into three modules: model, view, and controller, ensuring that the entire project runs smoothly. This structure separates the codes for various functions such as the data, presentation, and resource layers, allowing RoR developers to work on multiple aspects simultaneously.

Hire RoR Developers on Hourly or Monthly Basis

The hourly rates start at $20/hour

Sources of RoR Developers

The best way to find a ROR developer for your project is to look locally, using one of the many job posting websites for ROR local development. You select from among the candidates who submitted resumes and applied for the posted position, filter these candidates, contact the most promising ones, invite them to interviews, and hire the most qualified candidate for the ROR position.

You can also consider hiring an outsourcing ROR web development company that has its programmers with ROR skills and offers ROR web development services. In this case, you delegate the task of developing your project from start to finish to ROR development companies. Before development can begin, a ROR web application development company will typically assign a business analyst to coordinate with you about the project’s details and extract all necessary information. The ROR development company will then assign a project manager to oversee the project’s development and completion on time.

Another option is to work with a dedicated development team provider to hire remote ROR programmers. With this option, a remote ROR team of programmers will work on tasks from their company’s office, but they will report to you and communicate with you directly. Even if your dedicated ROR application development team is not physically present in your office, you can monitor ROR programmers’ activities on their dashboards and their applications for online conferencing. It enables you to hire a dedicated ROR programmer or find a developer with ROR skills who are experienced to work with the team as if they were physically in your office.

Tips on Hiring Full-time/Freelance Ruby on Rails Developers

While looking to employ Ruby developers, there are various aspects to consider:

Portfolio and Work Experience:

Yes, this is a relatively new language, but it’s advisable to go with an experienced professional. Experience beyond a shadow of a doubt is a significant criterion in all places of work, and there is no substitute for experience. Before hiring a ruby on rails developer or company, it is imperative to check their portfolio and case studies to get an idea about their capabilities and range of expertise.

Skills and Technical Capabilities:

You need to judge a developer, both in technical and non-technical parts. In the non-technical part, you need to check their language of communication, approach, willingness towards work, and the various sources from where they will get information over the internet.

In the technical part, they must have expertise in syntax, front-end skills, database, and various tools used in ruby on rails. Also, analyze the level of maturity in the developer and his ability to handle simple and complex projects.

Functionality and Methodology of Their Previous Work:

Assessing a developer’s skills in relation to functionality and methodology involves analyzing their previous projects and evaluating the extent to which they have adopted industry standards and quality control guidelines.

Skills Required for an RoR Developer

Accessing key skills in an RoR developer is an essential factor that can be beneficial for your development project in execution and timely completion. Following skills are a must for RoR developers to be hired for your project:

  • The syntax used by the Ruby language should be well understood.
  • Familiarity with front-end technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.
  • Should be acquainted with automated testing continuous integration.
  • Capability to integrate various data sources and databases into one system.
  • An understanding of fundamental design principles for creating an application.
  • An eagerness to upskill by learning about emerging technologies and methods.
  • Should have impressive written and spoken communication skills.


Despite developers developing it over 20 years ago, Ruby remains one of the most widely used programming languages. Its popularity has further increased with the addition of the Rails software library. Thus, we can see that, despite its age, RoR has maintained its popularity. Many developers and some of the world’s most popular websites prefer Ruby on Rails due to its numerous advantages, including quality, usability, extensive libraries, and an active community. With the traits discussed above, you can make a wise decision to hire an RoR developer to build a successful App easily.

Hire RoR Developers on Hourly or Monthly Basis

The hourly rates start at $20/hour

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