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Health insurance premium comparison for people who live in Switzerland, newcomers as well as expats.

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    At insurando, you can get a free comparison of the current health insurance premiums for 2022. By comparing premiums, you can find out how high your savings potential will be if you change insurance companies this year.

    Reduce your financial expenses by changing your basic and supplementary health insurance. Use our premium calculator to select your desired deductible, accident cover (if you are not insured through your employer), current health insurance company, and cu rrent and future insurance model (standard, GP, HMO, other models). The insurando health insurance comparison then calculates the best and cheapest health insurance for you.

    The optimal health insurance in Switzerland

    The Health Insurance Act stipulates that the basic insurance has some conditions for all policyholders. Nevertheless, choosing a health insurance company is difficult, because each insurer has its own characteristics and advantages. To choose the best health insurance for you, a neutral comparison is the best solution.

    Compare insurance models
    Using simple filter criteria, the insurando premium calculator calculates your possible savings potential when comparing health insurance companies. In addition to the standard model, all available insurance models such as HMO, GP and Telmed are taken into account. The calculation is based on the current and official data from Priminfo (Federal Office of Public Health FOPH) in combination with the individual data provided by you.
    Deductible adjustment
    By reducing or increasing your deductible rate, you can positively influence your savings opportunities with the insurando premium calculator. The deductible amount is your desired contribution to annual costs such as doctor’s bills, expenses for medication and hospital fees. The higher the deductible, the lower the monthly health insurance premium.
    Basic health insurance
    Basic health insurance
    In Switzerland, basic health insurance is compulsory for everyone. The benefits are defined by law. All health insurance companies in Switzerland are required to accept you. Check your options within just a few minutes by comparing premiums for compulsory basic health insurance from different health insurance companies.
    Supplementary insurance
    Supplementary insurance
    Supplementary insurance is voluntary and the benefits vary depending on the insurance company. Supplementary insurance can protect you from unexpectedly high costs in the event of an emergency. The amount of the premiums depends on various factors such as age and risk. A comparison is recommended, as the potential for savings is high.
    Prenatal registration
    Prenatal registration
    Registering for health insurance for your baby before birth has important advantages: Supplementary health insurance for your child can be taken out without a health check with prenatal registration. Registration for supplementary insurance after birth may require a health check.

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    It is best to take half an hour. Write down your specific needs and expectations on the PC or on a piece of paper.
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    Now do the actual premium comparison. Compare the offers of the different providers. Also take a look at the corresponding benefits

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